Warner Bros. Discovery set to be WB Games’ new corporate owner

The winds of change may have… left WB Games alone this time.

WB Games, the game’s division of Warner Bros., may have dodged a possible rearrangement as a result of WarnerMedia’s merger with Discovery, which some suggested could give WarnerMedia owner AT&T hold of some game studios, while the rest move to the new company.

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There’s currently no indication that this is the plan. A press release issued Tuesday listed WB Games among the core brands that will now exist under the umbrella of Warner Bros. Discovery – the proposed new name of the two media giants.

This is all contingent on the usual regulatory approvals, but it looks like the WB Games teams will remain together under the same banner. WB Games owns and operates 11 game studios developing and publishing everything from big AAA projects to mobile free-to-play games.

Rocksteady, NetherRealm, Monolith, TT Games, Avalanche Software, WB Games Montreal, WB Games Boston, WB Games Los Angeles, WB Games San Francisco, WB Games San Diego, and WB Games New York are those teams.

Outside of namedropping WB games, the press release doesn’t mention any specific plans for the group.

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