The next Prison Architect expansion gives your prisoners a second chance

Prisoners in Prison Architect can soon get a second chance.

Double Eleven is expanding the inmate reform systems in prison management simulator Prison Architect.

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Titled Second Chances, the expansion introduces prisoner rehabilitation programs, allowing inmates to reduce their sentences and reintegrate into society.

Each program in the expansion offers different means of rehabilitation. This includes opportunities for inmates to socialize with civilians, take classes on conflict resolution, and more.

Positive behavioral changes in the prisoners can lead to sentence reductions. Reoffending inmates will cost Wardens, encouraging players to implement and oversee these programs with care.

Second Chances Key Features:

  • Return to Reform: Non-work programs, such as Animal Therapy, Meet & Greet, and Former Prisoner Classes can remove an inmate’s negative traits and see improved behaviors.
  • Good Behavior: Inmates can have their sentences reduced or increased based on their actions and reoffenders can now be sent back to prison. Players will be fined for each reoffender.
  • Room for Improvement: Inmates with existing or earned work credentials can become vendors to both prisoners and visitors in inmate-run rooms, including a Bakery, Restaurant, and Therapy Room.
  • Back to Society: Inmates can earn work credentials through experience partaking in different work and training programs.

The Second Chances expansion will launch first for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 16, and will arrive later for Nintendo Switch on June 29.

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