Resident Evil Village Mercenaries | How to unlock Magic Magazine and other abilities

The Mercenaries is a mode that opens up in Resident Evil Village once you’ve complete the main campaign. It costs 10 CP from the Extra Content Shop to unlock, and is a single-player challenge mode. Points are awarded for killing enemies against the clock, assisted by a range of bonus abilities that are exclusive to this mode.

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The majority of abilities can be picked up straight away, but a few — including the very popular Magic Magazine — have some unlock requirements attached.

In this guide we’ll cover what Mercenaries abilities do, how to pick them up, and how to unlock the really good ones.

How to use abilities in Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries

While playing The Mercenaries, you’ll notice there are floating orbs scattered around each stage. Yellow orbs add extra time to the stage while blue orbs contain abilities.

In order to pick up and equip an ability, you simply need to get within range and press the interact button when the prompt appears. You’re then given a choice of three random abilities to activate.

If the same ability appears more than once on a stage, you can equip it multiple times. The effect will stack, which can be very powerful. There’s also no limit to how many abilities you can have at a time, so there’s literally no need to hold back when you spot a blue orb in the vicinity.

All abilities you pick up will persist between areas within the same game. However, you don’t get to keep any of them when starting a new game.

Magic Magazine | How to acquire locked abilities in Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries

While most abilities in The Mercenaries are available from the start, there are four that require an extra step to unlock them.

You need to get an S rank or higher on each of the four Part I stages to add Magic Magazine, Execution, Lightning Speed, and Masamune to the random pool of abilities you find in orbs.

Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries — Abilities list

Ability Name Ability Type Effect Unlock requirements
Agile Agility Speed increases. None
Assassination Dash Agility Movement speed increases when knife is equipped. None
Lightning Speed Agility Movement speed greatly increases but damage taken increases too. Finish ‘The Factory (I)’ stage with an S rank or higher
Corpse Combustor Enemy Debuff Enemies will likely explode when they are defeated with a gun. None
Slow Motion Enemy Debuff Enemy movement decreases. None
All Brawn Offensive Attack increases but speed decreases. None
Break Shot Offensive Initial attack does more damage when the enemy’s HP is full. None
Execution Offensive Attack greatly increases when the enemies’ HP is below 30%. Finish ‘The Castle (I)’ stage with an S rank or higher
Fickle Shooter Offensive Attack increases when switching between enemies. None
Infighter Offensive Close-combat attacks do more damage. None
No Brainer Offensive Headshots do more damage. None
Out of Reach Offensive Long-distance attacks do more damage. None
Adrenaline Support HP recovers slightly when attacking with a gun. None
Gruesome Gourmet Support Recover a little HP when an enemy is defeated. None
Healthy Support Max HP increases. None
Super Guard Support Damage no longer taken when guarding. None
Thick Skinned Support Damage taken decreases. None
Blade Master Weapon Knives do five times more damage. None
Pistol Master Weapon Handguns do more damage. None
Shotgun Master Weapon Shotguns do more damage. None
Magic Magazine Weapon Ammo capacity doubles. Finish ‘The Village (I)’ stage with an S rank or higher
Masamune Weapon Knife attacks are 10 times stronger, but damage from other weapons greatly decreases. Finish ‘The Mad Village (I)’ stage with an S rank or higher

Recommended abilities

The abilities you find in orbs will be random, so there’s a limit to how far you can plan a character build. And, as we’ve already pointed out, there’s no reason to ignore an orb, even if none of the abilities on offer are particularly inspiring.

However, given the choice, we recommend always prioritising Magic Magazine and Execution when they come up once unlocked. Unlike the other two unlockable abilities there’s no devil’s bargain involved in equipping either of these. They respectively allow you stack ammo capacity and lethal damage, indefinitely, with no downside.

If you’re eager to unlock The Mercenaries mode, you’ll need to start from the beginning, so check out Part 1 of our guide to completing Resident Evil Village.

Or if you want more information on the game overall, read our review.

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