Remedy’s AAA game with Epic Games has entered full production

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Remedy‘s next AAA game – that it is making in collaboration with Epic Games – has entered full production, per a new investor’s report from the studio.

Remedy has announced that its next big game has properly started development.

We learned last year that the studio’s next big title would be funded by Epic Games, and there are myriad rumours and reports that point to the game being a full-on Alan Wake sequel. Remedy and Epic have yet to confirm that, though.

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As well as the news about this new game moving into full production, the report notes that Remedy Entertainment’s headcount has grown to nearly 300 people, which makes sense – the studio has a lot on its plate, after all.

As well as the upcoming triple-A game, the company is working on a four-player PvE co-op spinoff from Control (called Condor) and it is also working on a sequel to the action title, which is currently in pre-production. Control has attracted over 10 million players in its lifetime, so it’s not surprising to see the company go all-in on the franchise.

There’s also an update on Vanguard – Remedy’s upcoming free-to-play co-op title – which is “progressing at a good pace” and has had “selected internal and external closed gameplay tests.” Remedy says that Crossfire X is also due to launch at some point in 2021.

Things are getting busy for the studio, then.

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