Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack Types & Weaknesses list

As you battle your way through the epic adventure of Monster Hunter Stories 2, you and your monstie allies face off against Monster Hunter’s whole roster of massive beasts and baddies.

We’ve compiled a list of every monster attack type in Monster Hunter Stories 2, so you can start every battle off on the right foot.

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To fulfil your destiny and carry on the legacy of your grandfather, you’ll need to master when to use each of the three attack types with all of the different kinds of monsters.

A little extra information removes a lot of the guesswork from your battle strategy, and lets you focus on building your Kinship gauge, priming your skills, or lining up a paintball to force a retreat.

Also, beware of a mild spoiler warning, since the list contains the names of monsters that appear all throughout the game.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Attack Type Weaknesses

On the surface, Monster Hunter Stories 2’s battle system is simple. In true rock-paper-scissors fashion, each one of the three attack types beats one other while also having one weakness.

It’s easy to forget the battle triangle, so remember:

  • Power beats Technical
  • Technical beats Speed
  • Speed beats Power

As you progress through each battle, some monsters will switch up their attack type when they’re angry or preparing a special move. In these instances, alter your approach accordingly and change your pattern to match.

You also need to consider weapon type as well. Each monster is weak to either slashing, piercing, or blunt attacks, and you’ll have to vary your equipment depending on the part of the monster you’re targeting.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack Types and Weapon Weaknesses List

Every monster type you encounter in Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a favorite attack type and therefore a corresponding weakness you can exploit.

We’ll update both the attack types and weapon weaknesses as we get further from release! Here’s a list of every one we’ve encountered so far:

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack Types
Monster Name: Attack Type: Monster Weaknesses:
Aptonoth Power Slash
Velociprey Speed Slash
Kulu-Ya-Ku Technical Slash (body), Blunt (rock)
Larinoth Technical Slash
Bhanbara Technical Blunt
Velocidrome Speed (Changes to Power when angry) Slash
Konchu Technical Blunt
Bullfango Speed Slash
Yian-Kut-Ku Technical Piercing
Bulldrome Power Slash
Pukei-Pukei Technical (Changes to Power after Munch Time) Slash, Blunt after Munch Time
Anjanath Speed (Changes to Power when angry, does a Technical attack one turn after Condense Heat) Piercing
Ludroth Power Blunt
Slagtoth Power Slash
Gargwa Speed Blunt
Azuros Power Blunt
Jaggi Speed Slash
Jaggia Power Piercing
Great Jaggi Technical (Changes to Power when Angry) Slash
Blue Yian-Kut-Ku Technical Piercing
Royal Ludroth Power (Changes to Technical when angry) Piercing
Qurupeco Technical Blunt (head), Slash (body)
Paolumu Technical Blunt, Piercing (neck pouch)
Basarios Technical (Switches to Power when angry) Blunt
Tetsucabra Power Piercing
Apceros Power Blunt
Zamite Technical
Conga Power
Hermitaur Technical
Cephalos Power
Shakalaka Technical
Tigrex Speed
Yian Garuga Technical
Duramboros Power
Legiana Speed
Zamtrios Speed (Ice), Power (Swell)
Great Baggi Technical
Jade Barroth Power, Technical (Snow Mantle)
Barroth Speed
Congalala Technical
Kecha Wacha Speed
Gypceros Power
Nerscylla Tech
Nargacuga Speed
Tobi-Kadachi Speed
Khezu Technical
Red Khezu Technical, Speed (Thunder Stance)
Lagombi Speed
Plesioth Technical
Daimyo Hermitaur Technical
Cephadrome Speed
Gendrome Speed
Diablos Power
Monoblos Speed
Black Diablos Power
Mizutsune Technical
Lagiacrus Power
Uragaan Power
Astalos Technical, Power (Electric Stance)

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