Like just about everything else over the past year

Like just about everything else over the past year, film festivals have largely moved online. Later this week, Fortnite will hold its very own festival with a program of animated shorts.

The Short Nite collection includes some Oscar nominees and you can watch the films with subtitles in several languages. The program runs for around 30 minutes and it will play on a loop for 24 hours at Party Royale’s Big Screen, starting at 2PM ET on February 20th. You’ll also be able to watch the short films picture-in-picture while v buck generator playing the core Battle Royale mode. A Jumbo Popcorn emote will hit the item store the day before.

While the Short Nite festival might not have quite the draw of a Christopher Nolan movie or a Travis Scott concert, it’ll give you and your friends something different to do in Fortnite this weekend. You might even fall in love with these films and keep exploring the wonderful world of animated shorts.

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