Horizon Forbidden West release date news is close

We may not have to wait long for a proper release date for Horizon Forbidden West, after all.

One of the biggest surprises coming out of last week’s Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal – other than just how good it looks – was that it didn’t bring us a release date.

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This lead fans to speculate that Forbidden West may not be as further along in development as they believed. Considering we’re nearly halfway done with 2021, a late-2021 release date would have made sense, but since we got nothing, it could indicate that Forbidden West may not be out this year at all.

While developer Guerrilla Games didn’t comment on this speculation, the developer understands that fans expected a release date in last week’s showcase. In a Tweet following the stream, Guerrilla said that development is on track, and that an update on the game’s release date is coming “very soon”.

This obviously doesn’t tell us much, but at least the studio is aware that there was a desire to see the release date, considering how long in development the game must have been. Horizon Forbidden West is in development for PS4 and PS5.

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