Halo Infinite datamine reveals battle royale voice line

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Halo Infinite may be getting one thing or another that’s referred to in game as battle royale.

Halo Infinite has had an exciting weekend with its first public multiplayer test, and many people sharing their first impressions of gameplay. The excitement was somewhat overshadowed by a campaign leak, which appears to have spoiled certain events of the game’s story, accidentally left in the game’s files by 343.

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Datamines of this nature are not surprising, of course, and one such datamine has uncovered a voice clip announcing battle royale. The clip, embedded below, is similar to existing voice lines for various other game modes, such as Slayer. Halo’s iconic announcer is typically the first thing players hear at the start of the match.

The same announcer also announces other events in multiplayer, such as when players earn certain medals: like double-kills. Given the nature of this clip, it could be an indication that Halo Infinite is getting a battle royale mode, or was at some point.

This is obviously not confirmation that this is still the case, as the voice line may simply be referring to some other mode in Halo Infinite being given the name battle royale, but isn’t the one-life mode we tend to think of. BR could also not be a mode at all, and could be some sort of medal or mid-game event that warrants a callout.

343 Industries previously shot down rumours that Halo Infinite is getting a battle royale mode on multiple occasions, but plans may have changed.

Halo Infinite comes to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S this holiday.

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