Ghostrunner is getting assist and wave-based modes

Ghostrunner is about to expand even further.

On a developer livestream on Thursday, Ghostrunner developer One More Level announced two new modes coming to the first-person cyberpunk action game this summer.

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The first is the roguelike-inspired Wave Mode, which pits you against 20 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Between rounds, you’ll get a chance to upgrade your character with random buffs. If you manage to finish all 20 rounds, you’ll earn an exclusive sword. If you die on any wave, the game will send you back to the start of that wave, and not all the way to the beginning.

Another promising new mode coming to Ghostrunner is the Assist Mode, which is designed for players who just want to experience the story and the world of the game without having to navigate its challenging arenas.

No specifics about this story-focused mode have been revealed, but it’s going to arrive alongside Wave Mode. If you’re curious, One More Level is hosting a limited beta test that you can sign up for today to get early access to the update.

Ghostrunner is, of course, getting a sequel with double the budget, so it’s good to see the developer continuing to work on free updates for the original game.

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