Genshin Impact Old Handguard location: How to find Nobushi and Handguard items

If you want to level up Ayaka and max out her Talents, you’ll need plenty of Genshin Impact Handguard items.

These are a new set of materials dropped by wandering samurai in the new Inazuma update. So far, it seems the Nobushi only spawn in a handful of locations, so expect some repeat visits as you level Ayaka up.

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Genshin Impact Nobushi location

The new Nobushi enemy drops Hanguard-series items. These swordsmen come in a couple of different varieties:

  • Nobushi Hitsukeban
  • Nobushi Kikouban
  • Nobushi Jintouban

Hitsukeban rely on firecrackers and fast bladework to unsettle foes. Kikouban use Electro-charged crossbow arrows, and Jintouban are the standard Nobushi wielding just their swords.

All have a chance of dropping Handguard items.

We’re still working on all the possible Nobushi locations, but one area we know for sure they spawn in is Mt Yougou, just north of Grand Narukami Shrine. This is where your Handbook points you to if you look Nobushi up in them.

Genshin Impact Hanguard location – Old Handguard

Any Nobushi enemy could drop these.

Genshin Impact Handguard location – Kageuchi Handguard

These might drop from Nobushi enemies that are level 40 or higher.

Genshin Impact Handguard location – Famed Handguard

The highest-level Handguard item will only drop from Nobushi enemies that are level 60 or higher.

You can also find all these in the shop section of Paimon’s Bargains where you can exchange Masterless Starglitter or Stardust for each. As with every other Ascension material, item crafting lets you turn unwanted lower-level Handguards into higher-level ones. Three of any low-level item will get you one of a higher-level item.

So far, it seems like only Ayaka makes use of the Genshin Impact Handguard series of items. Unlike the Sakura Bloom, you’ll need Handguards for both her level Ascension and Talent Ascension, so plan on seeing plenty of Nobushi if you want to build Ayaka up.

For more on the new character chapters, here’s where to find A Flower Blooms in a Prison in Genshin Impact.

Or if you’re keen on the other two Genshin Impact 2.0 characters there are plenty of additional materials to keep a lookout for while you explore Inazuma to level up Yoimiya and Sayu when their time comes later in August.

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