Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow locations and how to farm Crystal Marrow

Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow is a new ore in Inazuma that’s had very little practical purpose until now.

You’ll find it scattered across Yashiori Island, but there’s only a couple of uses for it at the moment.

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Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow | Where to find Crystal Marrow

Like other ore items scattered across Teyvat, Crystal Marrow tends to sprout up around rocky outcrops. Most of the locations are around the center of Yashiori Island and the cliffs branching out from it, but there’s also a collection of Crystal Marrow west of the Kujou Encampment area on Kannazuka.

Crystal Marrow Locations | Yashiori Island

Make sure to steer clear of lightning strikes while hunting Marrow on Yashiori.

Crystal Marrow Locations | Kannazuka Island

Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow | Crystal Marrow farm

Also like other ore items, Crystal Marrow takes a couple of real-world days to respawn. There’s no way to generate your own ore yet, so you’ll have to wait for the refresh to gather more.

You’re primarily using it for just one thing, though, so there’s no great demand for huge batches of it at first.

Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow | What is Crystal Marrow for

Sayu uses Crystal Marrow in all stages of her level-up Ascension. Later phases require 40-60 chunks of Crystal Marrow, so you won’t be taking Sayu from 0 to level 90 in one day.

If you end up with a surplus of Crystal Marrow, there is one other use for it. Some of Inazuma’s world quests require a dozen or more pieces from you. Speak with Chouji near Jakotsu Mine to start his quest chain, then follow up with him later to unlock one of Inazuma’s secret achievements.

Future characters might use Crystal Marrow, so it’s worth hanging onto some for a while if your inventory isn’t full.

If you’re lucky enough to get Yoimiya from the latest Genshin Impact banner as well, make sure to stock up on Naku Weed from Narukami Island and elsewhere. She’ll need plenty of it for her Ascension.

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