Bless Unleashed Splendid Alfonsino location | How to fish in Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed Splendid Alfonsino is one of the game’s rarer fish.

You’ll only find it in one location, but plenty of patience is needed. It’s not called a rare fish for nothing.

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Bless Unleashed Splendid Alfonsino | How to find Splendid Alfonsino

Head to Carzacor Harbor and drop a line there. Bless tells you to fish in a “hotspot,” though there’s seemingly little difference between what you get from these areas and what comes up from fishing anywhere else in the same location.

If you aren’t using Splendid Alfonsino for a competition, you can break it down for materials just like any other fish. Here’s what you’ll get from it:

  • Scale
  • Fin
  • Loin
  • Belly
  • Cheek meat
  • Roe
  • Pearl

Bless Unleashed Splendid Alfonsino | How to fish in Bless

If you’re having a difficult time reeling the fish in, it might be worth upgrading your kit. The wire in particular is helpful, since improved wire takes longer to snap.

As for bait, we recommend trying Stringy Meat. It’s much easier to obtain than more advanced bait, and you don’t have to spend any rare items to get it. Go to any marketplace, and you can buy up to 100 Stringy Meat for 24 Gold each.

The Fishing Merchant upgrades your equipment, but you can only get basic enhancements using Gold. Higher-level gear requires trophies earned from Regional Contests. These are random events that show up on the map. Some require rare fish and give you three trophies for succeeding, but the easier ones just ask for uncommon fish and reward you with a single trophy.

Catching Splendid Alfonsino might take a while, so you may as well look good while you wait. Scrounge up some Soul Crystals to exchange for Bless Unleashed‘s cosmetics as you roam the map, but make sure to invest your skill points wisely after defeating those unique bosses.

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