Biomutant Best Breed and Class | Which starting character build should you pick?

Biomutant is an ambitious open-world RPG, and as such, has tons of class variety and different breeds to explore.

The amount of choice thrown at you during character creation can be confusing, but we’re here to lend a helping paw as you build your character in Biomutant.

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One thing to remember is that choosing any of the different breeds or classes doesn’t necessarily lock you out of any particular specialisation – it just gives you a nudge in the right direction.

If you’re playing on normal, you’ll easily be able to pivot your build to something more suitable, regardless of the starting class and breed you choose.

However, there are a lot of different playstyles to discuss. Here’s how to pick the best breed and class for you in Biomutant.

Biomutant Best Breed – Which should you pick?

Biomutant Best Breed
Breed Name: Breed Description: Best for:
Primal Nimble, dextrous, but lesser Intellect Jack-of-all-trades, increased critical hit chance
Dumdon Lacks mental prowess, compensates with physical strength Strength and melee attacking
Rex Apt for physical and mental challenges Combines Health with Intellect
Hyla Extremely tough and resilient High health tanking
Fip Highly evolved mind Highest Psi power and Intellect
Murgel Form and appearance over function Loot farming and best at bartering

Your Biomutant’s Breed does a couple of important things. First, it determines the visual appearance of the furry friend you’ll be piloting throughout your adventure. Then second, it shapes your starting stats to lean towards one of many playstyles.

As we mentioned before, picking one breed or another now won’t completely lock you out from changing direction later. But if you’re trying to create the most efficient character possible for harder difficulties, it pays to plot your path early.

Once you’ve chosen your Breed, you’ll be able to further min/max your stats if you wish, and this is where you can really pour your points into something you want to focus on.

However, there’s fun to be had and good utility in any of the options, so really you can choose whichever sounds appealing to you.

There are three breeds which have one stand-out speciality: the Dumdon for melee damage, the Hyla for health, and the Fip for Psi powers.

If you want to be a melee attacker, health tank, or psychic power user, choose any of these respectively.

The Primal is a jack-of-all-trades with a slightly higher crit chance, while the Rex is a more balanced option between health and Psi powers.

Finally, the Murgel has the weakest total stats, but makes up for it with increased bartering charisma and loot drop chance.

As for what you should pick:

  • If you have access to the Mercenary pre-order class, or like to play with quick reflexes to make use of the very powerful parry ability in Biomutant, give a Strength a go
  • Or if you’re less into dodging, you could buff out your Vitality to tank more hits
  • But if you’re more interested in flashy psychic powers, or in getting a boost when solving puzzles, lean toward an Intellect based character
  • Or you can always split the difference when you place your attributes and create a tanky melee character with Vitality and Strength, a fast melee user with Strength and Agility, or a fast mage with Agility and Intellect.

Biomutant Best Class – Which starting class should you pick?

Now that your breed is settled, you can move onto a more meaningful choice: the best class for your character.

There are five classes to choose from (six if you pre-ordered), and each one maps quite easily onto a different playstyle.

Biomutant Best Class
Class Name: Class Perk: Best for:
Mercenary +10% Melee Weapon Damage per hit Jack-of-all-trades with strong melee attacks
Dead Eye Perfect Reload instantly refreshes ranged weapons with +20% damage Ranged attacker
Commando +10% Ranged Damage per hit Ranged tanking
Psi-Freak Grants Spark Ball offensive ability and +20% Ki regen speed Psi-powered attacking
Saboteur Grants ability to dual-wield one-handed weapons and +20% dodge efficiency Strength + Agility melee attacker
Sentinel Base Armour increased by 10 Melee Tanking

Mercenary Class

The Mercenary class is a doozy, and a lot of people’s pick as the best of the bunch.

It’s bonus perk of +10% melee damage on every hit is fantastically useful, and obviously a great choice if you’re a melee character of any kind.

At later levels, it also increases your Ki regeneration and armour for a good deal of variety.

Dead Eye Class

If you want to specifically focus on using ranged weapons – basically guns – then the Dead Eye is the class for you.

It’s Perfect Reload perk is very powerful and easy to pull off, so can make a big difference in taking enemies out while keeping your distance.

There’s no single stat that increases your ranged damage, which means you’re going to have to interact a lot with Biomutant’s crafting and gear systems. If you want a simpler approach, consider a melee or Psi character.

Commando Class

Another range-based class, the Commando has a blanket 10% buff to all ranged damage, but later perks also increase their proficiency with melee weapons while at low health.

Again you’ll have to consistently craft better guns, but this is the class for a ranged tank.

Psi-Freak Class

One of the more straightforward classes, the Psi-Freak does what it says on the tin. If you’re a psychic power-wielding character at the expense of everything else, this is your class.

Saboteur Class

The Saboteur is the class of fast melee attacks proficient in Strength and Agility.

Not only can you dual-wield light melee weapons from the off, but you’re better at dodging too.

If you’re into flitting nimbley around the screen away from bad guys only to nip back in and stab them before they can react, then this is your class.

Sentinel Class

Finally, the Sentinel is the melee tank class. Here, you have perks which are geared towards increasing your base armour, survivability, health regeneration, and eventually enemy management.

If you’re investing in Strength and Vitality, this is a natural fit.

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