ARK Genesis 2 | Finding Mutagel and taming Tek Stryders

Mutagel is a resource introduced into ARK: Survival Evolved with the new Genesis: Part 2 DLC. One of its major uses is the taming of Tek Stryders.

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How to harvest Mutagel in ARK

There are several locations in Genesis: Part 2 where you can harvest Mutagel:

  • On ambergris asteroids.
  • On black pearl asteroids.

  • In the Rockwell’s Innards biome, in the acid pool underneath Rockwell’s heart. You can harvest Mutagel by hand here once the acid has receded.

Alternatively, if you have spare Mutagen lying around, you can use a Chemistry Bench to convert four units back into 408 Mutagel.

How to turn Mutagel into Mutagen

Mutagel can be used to craft Mutagen at a Chemistry Bench. You need 800 units of Mutagel to craft six Mutagen.

Mutagen is used for taming Voidwyrms, and can be used to further evolve existing tame creatures.

How to tame Tek Stryders in ARK

Tek Stryders are tamed using a unique, non-violent method: hacking them using Mutagel.

To tame a Tek Stryder, you need to meet the following requirements, with exact numbers based on the creature’s level:

  • Have the required amount of Mutagel attached to 0 in the Hotbar.
  • Have cleared the required number of missions.

In order to successfully hack a Tek Stryder, you need to complete a hacking minigame where you match up lines of code, all while staying close to the creature. You may also need to target a specific body part in order to initiate the hack.

Succeeding at one stage of the minigame increases taming efficiency, speeding up the process; while failing resets taming to zero. You can go through as many stages as you need to tame the Tek Stryder, unless it is destroyed first.

Benefits of a tamed Tek Stryder

Tame Tek Stryders are incredibly useful. Even unequipped with rigs they have a saddle (which you can build on), a sleeping pod, and a transmitter; can recharge batteries in their inventory; and can be used to replant foliage where it walks. It can also be linked to a Tek Dedicated Storage.

With rigs equipped, a tame Tek Stryder can take on both offensive and defensive combat roles, harvest resources, and track other creatures (including other players).

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