Apex Legends is getting a new character, Seer, soon

Apex Legends Seer

EA and Respawn Entertainment have pushed out a surprise new trailer showing off the upcoming playable legend, Seer, ahead of his in-game arrival in August.

Today, publisher EA and developer Respawn released a new Lore trailer featuring the next Legend to enter the Apex Games, Seer. The character bears a moth motif and seems to have some mysterious connection to the world of the Apex.

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“A bad omen cast a shadow over Obi’s birth: will his light survive and emerge from the darkness?” reads the blurb. How foreboding.

You can check out the new trailer, titled Stories from the Outlands – Metamorphosis, below to learn more about his peculiar legend. This is one of the shortest of this series we’ve seen to date, interestingly.

As per a press release, this latest addition to the ever-growing Apex Legends roster was created in collaboration with award-winning illustrator, animator, and director Robert Valley ( who you may know from the likes of  Tron: Uprising, Love, Death & Robots, and Pear Cider and Cigarettes).

Seer will likely join the ragtag Apex Legends roster when the game starts up its tenth Season (called Apex Legends: Emergence) on August 3. The new season is also set to introduce a new LMG called Rampage, more World’s Edge map changes, a ranked mode for Arenas, and more besides. It’s set to be a pretty big update, then.

EA promises we’ll learn more about the character – and Apex Legends: Emergence – during EA Play Live on Thursday, July 22 at 10am / 7.00pm CET.

Just don’t expect anything from Skate 4 at the show.

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