An innocuous Call of Duty Warzone Salt Mines door is killing players, for some reason

Call of Duty: Warzone seems to have spawned a door that will kill players when they try and pass through it – so you’re probably best off avoiding the Salt Mines for now.

Redditor Rxelik has figured out that a specific door in a warehouse in the Salt Mines portion of the map will instantly knock you if you go anywhere near it. The user posted some footage of the offending barrier over on the r/warzone subreddit.

Showing solidarity and wanting to prove that The Scary Door is, indeed, deadly, other players flocked to the unlikely landmark to test it out. Lo and behold, they’re also getting floored (or is that ‘doored’?)

Yo, Raven This Door Kills You instantly Please Fix Lmao from CODWarzone

No one knows for sure why this is happening, and Raven is yet to address the issue formally. Players are speculating on various forums that it may have something to do with the Red Door fast travel system that’s been introduced to the game in Warzone Season 4, but that’s just a guess at this point.

This is the longest in a long line of Warzone bugs that continually seem to plague the high-profile battle royale. At the start of Season 4, for example, we saw cargo trucks get altered after they made players invisible.

There was an issue with the black box back in August 2020, earlier this year, we saw players exploit under map cheats, and there’s been a persistent stim glitch that’s troubled players, too.

Here’s hoping this new issue gets fixed sooner rather than later. We’ll see, though.

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